Does Age Matter?

The age range of my students is varied with some as young as six years and others of retirement age. One thing I have learned is that we all develop at different rates so don’t worry if you think you are a slow learner; I will go at your pace.   The below profiles will give you a flavour of the diverse range of guitar players I teach. 


Hollie Taylor

(age 17 years playing for 9 years )

’…. without music I doubt that I would be as happy as I am now – it has improved the quality of my life…’. Holly always gets forced into playing for her family when they have company and says, ‘ I love the thrill of performing for people and seeing their reaction to my music’.


Sam Fox

(age 10 years been playing for 2 years)

Sam is one of my youger students who joined me never having picked up a guitar before. He particurarly enjoys playing at school concerts and performing  new pieces for his friends



Alex Buckley

(Age 18 years playing for 5 years)

Alex is in a rock band and plays classical, electric and acoustic guitar. He wants to make a career as a professional musician and is currently studying advanced grades



Alan Carr

( Age 38 years playing for 6 years )

Alan chose to study music grades and will soon be at grade 8 standard.  He says ‘… playing has kept me focussed, active and enables me to relax ‘

And finally a review from another local music teacher, Eric Hayes. 

‘ I’ve learned guitar from Ian for almost a decade; since I was a child. He’s patient and really knows his craft, he’s taught half the guitar teachers in Blackburn at some point and is the reason that I’m a guitar teacher now.  If you are looking for a  top notch guitar teacher –  Ian’s your guy ‘.