Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need my own guitar?

Ideally, the answer is yes. The price of guitars varies considerably and I would be able to advice you with regard to making a purchase. However, to get you started with your lessons I will be able to lend you a guitar whilst you are with me.  

Is age a limiting factor?

My students span a wide age range – some are as young as 8 years old and others of retirement age. From my experience musical progress is more to do with ‘a determination to succeed’ rather than what age you are.


What happens in a lesson?

My teaching is carefully structured. I will match your ability to an appropriate musical score. We will study the sections in the piece and then you will take it away with you. Hopefully, you will practice the music at home and then we will revisit the piece on your next lesson.


Will I study music grades ?

That is entirely up to you. Some students enjoy having a  goal to work towards while others prefer not to take the exam route.  I have a very large collection of musical scores covering many different genres of music. Together, we will decide what you wish to study

What if I have never
played an instrument before?

No, that doesn’t matter at all.

Do you teach larger groups?

Yes I do. For many years I have worked as a peripatetic music teacher in  local schools.